Sunday, April 17, 2011

Evan's Arrival

So, one week ago, our little bundle of joy made his entrance into the world. Evan Chatham Baroch was born April 8, 2011 at 8:09am via c-section. After 2 failed inductions totaling 64 hours, we followed my God-given instincts and decided on the surgery. Turns out, once again, God was right. Evan was in distress. His cord was thin and frail, it was wrapped tightly around his neck, the placenta was beat up, and he had a bowel movement in his amniotic fluid. Thank you Lord for the wisdom you gave.

Evan was born at 8:09 am on April 8th, 2011. He weighed 7lbs 10.4 oz and was 19 inches long. He had a rough go of it the first couple of days because he took so much of the amniotic fluid into his lungs, but is thriving now. He's running Mommy ragged, but he' s the light of my life.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The day approaches

We have been doing so much to get ready for Evan's arrival. The latest task I am trying to take on is learning how to use my new "smart phone" (which seems a million times smarter than me in these final baby brian days) to post pics and updates of the big day.

Last Monday, we went in for another ultrasound to monitor the amniotic fluid levels because of the Gestatioonal Diabetes ande the tech was able to get a couple of pics for us. I sit and stare at the pictures of Evan on this new phone all of the time. I never thought it would be possible to miss someone you have never met. This little guy has stolen my heart already.

Well, I can officially say that the house is indeed ready for a new baby. Let's just hope Momma is. We've added 2 members to our already snug little home. Wayne's Mom and her mentally challenged cousin are staying with us here until we can get her farmhouse cleaned out and safe for baby. It has been a major adjustment, but seems to be getting easier by the day. The job we have in getting her home cleaned seems like a mountain in front of me, but I always know God has the reins and will carry us through.

We found an engineer's hat for Evan in the hobby shop today. Mommy has decided to let Evan have the caboose for a playhouse and she'll use the apple storage for jewelry making, weaving, spinning, painting, and even woodworking. There's a potbelly stove in there taller than me that will keep me toasty in the winter and because it's partially underground, it stays a nice cool even temp in the summer. The back area will be eventually dedicated to my woodworking and the front will be partitioned off for the other trades so we aren't getting overrun with dust. I figure I have a few more years before I'll have the freetime to get things set up, but I can dream, right? LOL! In the meantime, I choose to daydream about blowing raspberries on those sweet cheeks of my baby boy! Thank you Lord!